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Dusan Boskovic My hobbies are hiking and climbing. I visited all Montenegrin mountains several times, in all seasons. I am a licensed mountain guide. I am familiar with mountains of many countries and made sure that my country has a huge potential to be a prestigious tourist destination.

It motivated me to  discover the beauty of Montenegro hidden for many people. With this idea I create "Kolasin Resort" on the property of 4330 m2. This is a small tourist complex with full comfort in a beautiful rural setting and healthy food. Guests have accessible services of "active rest" and a possibility to learn about the culture, customs and traditions of northern Montenegro. "Vila Drijenak“ is the first of several planned facilities. The renovation of old nearby house is in the course. This is one of the rare examples of traditional architecture in northern Montenegro, 110 years old. The capacity of the complex will be about 30 beds with a national restaurant, wellness centre and amenities. Quality of service is a priority without compromise. The challenge to me is to create a tourist offer that will "fit" modern human in nature according to the highest standards. I gained the knowledge and experience with the biggest names of Montenegrin tourism, international experts, travelling and getting to know the experience of most developed countries, especially in rural and adventure tourism. I was a member of the most credible professional bodies that created documents on development of Montenegro as a tourist destination, the holder of the training activities of the tourism and hospitality staff and a local expert on many tourism projects under the auspices of international organizations, such as: the European Agency for Reconstruction, the British Council, CulturContact from Austria, GIZ, UNDP, Lux - Development and... I have organized or have been a board member for the organization of national competitions for students and professionals in the field of the hospitality industry.


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