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Snowmobile adventure Transfer from Kolašin to the Ski center Kolašin 1450. Kolašin1450 Ski resort is located at 1450 m above sea level and is only 15 minutes away from the town of Kolašin. It is located in environmentally the most preserved region of Southeast Europe and is well known for huge amounts of snow precipitation in winter and a number of sunny days in summer,

Giant morel

Morchella of a kilogram

In the area between the villages of Sjerogošte and Štitarica, the family Čobeljić hastened the true morel of a kilogram of weight and 50 grams.

Garden in Dulovine

Over 500 species

The botanical garden Danijel Vincek, a well-known biologist in Dulovina, has spent three decades on the most attractive parts of the Kolasin tourist offer.

Double Hellebore

An attraction for Japanese

Poisonous and completely useless plant for Montenegrins, but important for Japanese. They use it, among other things, to hybridize.

Not giving up its partisans

Kolasin keeps memories

Town is unique in the region by preserving World War II memories. The government changed, but no one has touched the features of the National Liberation War.

Biogradska gora

Biogradsko lake The National Park Biogradska gora ranges over an area of 5.400 ha of the mountain Bjelasica. Special tourist value is one of three remaining rainforests in Europe and Biogradsko jezero (the lake of Biograd). Within the complex, the beech forest is dominated, with the presence of sycamore, ash, and elm all around the lake of Biograd.Some trees are exceeding more then 500 years old, reaching the heights up to 60 m.


Adrenalin Feel the river Tara in the right way, the deepest and the most beautiful canyon in Europe (the second in the world). This canyon is 1300 metres deep and it is under the protection of UNESCO as a part of world heritage. For all participants we provide the world's top branded equipment and guides with experience that will make this adventure unforgettable.

Distance table




Distancefromimportant objects


Town centre
2,8 km
Ski track
11,8 km
2,8 km
800 m
Post office
8 km
2,8 km
2,8 km
Bus station
2,4 km
Airport Podgorica
70 km

Dance on mountain

Tango "Kolasino"

It is at the end of preparation for the 7th Tango Camp in Kolašin from July 25 to August 13, and the organizers say they expect a record number of fans of Argentine tango and active vacation from around the world.


Culinary miracle

If you go out of Kolasin and do not try a bait, it's like you were not there either. Kačamak is a dish characteristic for some Balkan areas, but is most distinctive for Montenegro.


Mountain Komovi Komovi is one of the largest hydrological centers in the Balkans. The exposed peaks of Komovi present a challenge for all hikers who want to verify their experience and also enjoy a magnificent view of the other mountains’ featuring in Montenegro. The unforegettable moments of Komovi’ ascents will keep coming back the desire for a new ascent. For the daring one, the more popular ascents are those during the winter period.


Fishing on the Tara Fishing in Montenegro is a real attraction and an unforgettable experience for all those who love fishing, due to its natural beauty, wealth of various types of fish and attractive locations. Within these arrangements you can enjoy sport fishing in the most attractive locations throughout Montenegro, which, by their characteristics, complete the experience and leave an indelible experience.


Our cottage is fully equipped. You only need to come, just take personal belongings. If you have a special request hints to help. For the begining take a look at our list:

City of tango

Tangeros of Montenegro

Very few people know, even in Montenegro, Kolasin has the most tangueros per capita in Europe ...

Fort Icindzi

In a bad state

The Turkish fortress around the town is in a poor condition. In front of this fortress, the Turks surrendered Kolašin.


Mountain Sinjajevina Sinjajevina is a spacious and high mountain of 35-40 km long and 10-15 km wide. It is the highest limited space between the high mountains of Montenegro. There is a large number mountain reefs about 1,700m rising form the extensive mountain surface, among which 6 of them are over 2,000m high. The highest of them are: Vranova glava - Rook head (2215 m) and Babin zub (2253 m).

Bike tours

Bike tours Bike Tours begin in Kolasin. After breakfast at a restaurant with dishes from traditional Montenegrin cuisine, it should start from one of the available routes. To organize these arrangements, it should provide at least 5 people and a maximum of 20 people. The price includes: cost of renting top quality bikes, breakfast, lunch and a drink of your choice, guide, and logistics.

House rules




To ensure a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the following house rules. When check in is completed, it is understood that the guest is familiar and fully agrees with these rules...

Dance at -17

Tango at -17

"We wanted to show that these are in Kolasin normal winter days, and no reason for" alarm "...

Student greenhouse

They grow vegetables

High school students from Kolasin grow vegetables in the school restaurant! Within the school are 100 square meters of plastic.


Horseback riding We organize one-day, two-day and three-day horseback riding tours, combined with camping in the beautiful region in Montenegro. In our offer we also have horseback riding school. We offer ten trained horses with accessories. Horseback riding is organized on mountains Bjelasica, Durmitor, Piva…


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