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Fishing on the Tara Fishing in Montenegro is a real attraction and an unforgettable experience for all those who love fishing, due to its natural beauty, wealth of various types of fish and attractive locations. Within these arrangements you can enjoy sport fishing in the most attractive locations throughout Montenegro, which, by their characteristics, complete the experience and leave an indelible experience.


The sites included in the arrangements are: the River Tara, the River Mrtvica, the River Morača, Lake Biograd, and Black Lake...

Fishing on the River Tara

Tara, known as the “Tear of Europe” because of its exceptionally clean water, is rich in fish of salmon (precious) type. Given that fishing takes place in the area of Durmitor National Park and the River Tara Canyon is the second largest in the world (the highest point of the canyon is 1300m ), combined with a wild, untouched nature and beautiful landscapes, makes fishing a real adventure. Fishing on the River Tara is allowed only with artificial baits. The most common types of fish: Brown trout – with an average weight of 0.5 - 5kg - 10kg maximum ; Huchen - with an average weight of 15 - 20kg - 40kg maximum ; Grayling - with an average weight of 0.3-2 kg. Fishing on the River Tara takes place in three regions: 1. Fishing ban - a destination Kolasin, downstream the River Tara in the length of 6km. 2. Fishing outside the ban - destination Kolasin -Mojkovac in the length of 30 km. 3. Fishing in Durmitor National Park

Fishing on the River Moraca

Moraca canyon, 38 km long, 1050m deep, is a real challenge for eye with its beautiful landscapes, flora and erosive forms. All this in combination with the beautiful river provides ideal fishing enjoy. The river is rich with brown trout, grayling, huchens (especially capital - type marble trout)... Because of the distance, there will be provided transport by jeep vehicles. It can be done through camping or jeep safari. Fishing is allowed only with artificial bait (lures, flies) The arrangement includes : - 1 guide for 5 people - Rental of equipment, - Provided fishing license, - Taking photos, - Breakfast and lunch in the form of picnic.

Fishing on Lake Biograd

The National Park Biogradska gora has an area of 5650ha and it consists of rainforest and lake. Rainforest, with an area of 1600ha is one of the two remaining European rainforests with 86 species of which 20% are endemic species of the Balkan Peninsula. In combination with Lake Biograd of glacial origin, known as the most beautiful lake of the Balkans, located at an altitude of 1094m, 1100m long with an average depth of 4.5 m, is not only beautiful and peaceful place for fishing, but also a sort of reservation of the earth's beauty and relaxation for all the senses. The lake is located on the 18th km from Kolasin. The arrangement includes transportation by jeep vehicles, and may be carried out in combination with the camping. The lake is rich in trout (rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, Arctic char) Fishing is allowed only with artificial bait (lures, flies) Fishing is allowed from 1 May to 22 June, from 07 -19h, on the fishing days: Tuesday, Sunday and public holidays. It is allowed to catch maximum 4 trouts. The arrangement also includes: - 1 guide for 5 people - Rental of equipment, - Provided fishing license and fees to the NP, - Guaranteed catch, - Taking photos, - Breakfast and lunch in the form of picnic.  


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