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Bjelasica Komovi Sinjajevina, Tara, Biogradsko Lake

Our villa Drijenak is located on the "edge of civilization", in a gentle pnrodi. At hand are many mountains, rivers and lakes. Beautiful to the eye and to spend time with them. Here we present only a part of what is in the immediate vicinity. Among the three mountain chains, Bjelasica, Komovi and Sinjajevina, near the famous Tara River and not far from Lake Biograd.

Double Hellebore

An attraction for Japanese

Poisonous and completely useless plant for Montenegrins, but important for Japanese. They use it, among other things, to hybridize.

Garden in Dulovine

Over 500 species

The botanical garden Danijel Vincek, a well-known biologist in Dulovina, has spent three decades on the most attractive parts of the Kolasin tourist offer.

Giant morel

Morchella of a kilogram

In the area between the villages of Sjerogošte and Štitarica, the family Čobeljić hastened the true morel of a kilogram of weight and 50 grams.


Mountain Komovi Komovi is one of the largest hydrological centers in the Balkans. The exposed peaks of Komovi present a challenge for all hikers who want to verify their experience and also enjoy a magnificent view of the other mountains’ featuring in Montenegro. The unforegettable moments of Komovi’ ascents will keep coming back the desire for a new ascent. For the daring one, the more popular ascents are those during the winter period.


Mountain Sinjajevina Sinjajevina is a spacious and high mountain of 35-40 km long and 10-15 km wide. It is the highest limited space between the high mountains of Montenegro. There is a large number mountain reefs about 1,700m rising form the extensive mountain surface, among which 6 of them are over 2,000m high. The highest of them are: Vranova glava - Rook head (2215 m) and Babin zub (2253 m).

Biogradska gora

Biogradsko lake The National Park Biogradska gora ranges over an area of 5.400 ha of the mountain Bjelasica. Special tourist value is one of three remaining rainforests in Europe and Biogradsko jezero (the lake of Biograd). Within the complex, the beech forest is dominated, with the presence of sycamore, ash, and elm all around the lake of Biograd.Some trees are exceeding more then 500 years old, reaching the heights up to 60 m.


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