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Fort Icindzi

In a bad state

The Turkish fortress around the town is in a poor condition. In front of this fortress, the Turks surrendered Kolašin.

Unfortunately, the building will not soon be part of the tourist offer. Carelessness made visible just foundations of a historically important monument near the center of Kolasin. Because the citizens took the stones from which fort was built. The Tourist Organization a long time ago have idea for preservation, protection and to include in the tourist offer. However, always was no money for that. There are no concrete plans when that could be done.
The Center for Culture has repeatedly called for the urgent intervention to the authorities, to be necessary restoration the fortress. There is no table and inscription that reminds passers-by of importance of that place.
The fortress was built in the 19th century after the united Montenegrin and mountain tribes in 1858 destroyed Turkish Kolašin. By the decision of the great powers, after complaint of the Turkish Empire and the orders of the king Nikola, the Montenegrin army withdrew from the city. The Turkish army entered in the ravaged Kolašin and from 1862 to 1864 built around several fortresses. Icindza on Vinica hill, Ucundzi on Bablje gredi and Birindzi on Basenje hill. Beside them are fortresses on Markovo and Lukacki hill near Kolasin.
Fort Icindia had a defense purpose, it was built of stone drenched in limestone and basically in the form of an equilateral cross, is located on the south side of the entrance to the town, and has two floors.


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