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Not giving up its partisans

Kolasin keeps memories

Town is unique in the region by preserving World War II memories. The government changed, but no one has touched the features of the National Liberation War.

The fact is that Kolasin was a Montenegrin war-capital and that many revolutionaries have played a prominent role in the bloody battles.

Monument to the Victims of Fascism

Not only in Montenegro, but in the former SFRY, no "partisan" name of the street has been altered, nor the undisguised features of WW II fighters and anti-fascists.
Inaccurate are the folk heroes, monuments. At the Partisan Commemorative Cemetery of Breza nobody has touched any letters until today. There is a street on July 13, Fourth Proletarian, Street of the Fallen Partisan Girl, Junaka Breze Street.

The central place is the Monument to the Victims of Fascism, a work of sculptor Vojin Bakić from Zagreb. For more than 60 years, the detail of all the postcards, the place around which the city developed. It is located on the main city square, surrounded by the ever-expanding tourists alongside. As soon as they eat their sandwich, they capture the camera :).

Many go to another monument - Veljko Vlahović, on the Upper Square or, as it is officially called "Vukman Kruščić" Square. On the central part of the square, one of the most famous works of the Belgrade sculptor Oto Log. At the post of concrete blocks, with an unavoidable stick in hand, is a student of two ancient universities (Sorbonne and Charles University in Prague), a delegate, diplomats, president of the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly FNRJ, deputy minister of foreign affairs FNRJ, member of the Board of the Association of Spanish Fighters, hero Veljko Vlahović. Symbol of Kolasin.


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